Automate Affiliate connector for my app

Hi all,

I am running an app, which is providing agent services in the sector of free time activities / adventures in Spain.
As we are heavily active in the sector of tourism across the whole of Spain, where in many cases people have to travel to join their activities they book via my page, my partner today presented me the (great) idea of joining an affiliate program by, where we provide our clients with suggestions on accomodation at the location of their booked event (and receive commission if they book accomodation via the affiliate link provided).
I played a bit with this thought, and now have the idea to automate the creation of affiliate links, and directly include XX offerings for accomodation nearby the event location in the offering page. As my providers anyhow need to provide the event location based on geocode (my app is directly translating the address used into geocode), it should be possible for the app to generate an amount of offers in the range of XX kilometers around the event location (sorted by the nearest distances), where the app directly communicates (via API) with the affiliate website to generate the according links and include them in a generic website, based on Bubble.

I was hoping that I am not the first one in here with such an idea… and even more, that maybe there is some common practise around Bubble for such an API. Has anybody maybe made some experience with such functionality? Would be awesome if I could find some ideas in this forum :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother again, but would like to follow up on this point, to see if there are any experiences out there?

Thanks a lot… as this would really help a lot to get some indications if there are maybe any bubble plugins, that provide some base function to help on this :slight_smile: