Automated project time calculation

Hi Everyone.

I need help calculating time differences for a task-based clock “stopwatch”.

Currently, I have a timer based on the creation date of the task and the current live date (by means of a custom state that updates every second). This timer is built into a repeating group for all tasks (as shown below).

I have a backend workflow that starts the work session every day at 07:00 and stops it at 17:00.

The problem is that a task(job) gets started and runs over multiple days. I want to deduct the “downtime” (when we are closed from 17:00-07:00), thus the clock should only show the active time spent.

When the task falls within the “active” session it should continue adding to the clock and when if overlaps with an inactive session it should not add to the clock.

Please let me know if you can assist.


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