Automatic ref generator

Dear all i want to appreciate your support on this forum, it has really shapened my use of bubble.

please i need to create an application that generates new reference number, but i will need to input a couple of formats e.g PP/TTTT/354/2020 i.e it must follow same partern and the only thing that changes after every use is the number ‘‘354’’ it changes to ‘‘356’’ and keeps going. And another field for a different type of reference e.g AA/UUUU/357/2020. So depending on what i want to create a ref for will determine the option i go to i.e either the AA… OR the PP… SO IF I USE 354 for PP and decide to want to use AA it gives me 356…

and also note 2020 represents the year so at the end of 2023 it changes to 2024 on the 1st of January 2024

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