Automatic translations in this forum

Hey everyone (especially non-English speakers)!

We just added an integration to Google Translate in this forum to help with different languages. You can now get a translation from Google for any post, if you are more comfortable in a different language. Here is how it works.

  1. You can change the locale of the forum to your native language. If you pick something different from English, you’ll be able to see translations to the language of the locale. For instance, if you want to use the forum in French

  1. Once the locale is different from ‘English’, any post in English can be translated to your language, by clicking on the ‘earth’ icon below the post. For instance from English to French.


  1. If your locale is in English, and you want to read posts in the other language categories, you can do the same thing


We hope this will make this community even more accessible to everyone, from anywhere!


This is a great step! Can someone also use the Search tool in a “translated mode”? Else the person still won’t be able to easily find the information, of course google translate can be used externally to get the translated keywords.