"Automatically Calculated" Field Type


I would find it very useful if there was an option “Automatically Calculated” in Field Type.

I will give you an example, my row (“thing”) may have two variables in it: one which I set and one which a users sets, to get the result of multiplication of these rows I have to use script steps… Would it not be useful to have an ability to create a field what would include a “pre-set” script?

The example I gave is not difficult to put into a script, but if I wanted to script multiplication of fields from linked rows from different classes (“types of things”), it gets quite tricky with all the searching for things… It gets even more difficult to change “scripts” late on as all these “searching for things” have to be modified individually…

Please let me know what you think.

Maybe I am just lazy.



P.S. I tried to search the forum on this topic but didn’t really find anything metioned before, hence maybe my ideas are unique.


Just a way to simplify the above - add DYNAMIC default value for Data Type.

Please! This would save so much efforte put into scripts to update records.

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This is already in bubble roadmap

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Maybe it is on the roadmap because I put the first message.

Maybe it will get implementede sooner because I put the second message.

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@emmanuel May I ask how much it would be to speed up the incorporation of this feature?

Thank you.


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I use conditions on inputs. I have to hard-code the equations, but they update more or less in real time.

Put a condition on the input that’s supposed to have the calculated value. “when [other input]'s value is not empty” and then set the “initial contents” to the equation.

Thank you, Sir!

The problem I have is to update fields in the background. It would be much easier and quicker to have to set conditions once for one filed and then just reference that field :frowning:

I kinda managed it now by using “When condition is true” workflow.

You can use invisible elements. I’ve got many sequences of logic that require 1-10 invisible elements. Sometimes it needs a list, so I use a repeating group. Sometimes there are several interrelated logical paths, so I use a series of inputs and conditions.

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