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Automatically Create a Google Sheet

I have a database of things and when users create a thing, I want a google sheet to automatically be created with premade fields and tabs automatically created for that user. They will be able to access their google sheet within the dashboard. When the user adds items to the google sheet, I would like for the items to sync to their respective bubble databases.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to accomplish this… many thanks.

Hello @Stackapp

There are various services that facilitate this other than building a direct connection with Sheets which is also possible but very intricate.

Thank you @cmarchan . I will watch this video for sure.

Do you know if this works for multiple sheets? I was under the impression that these type of integrations feed to the same google sheet. My use case would be when a user creates a thing, a private sheet will be created for that user and will connect to the bubble database. So there may be hundreds if not thousands of sheets being connected.

Hello @Stackapp

I do not know.

But perhaps when/if you find a service that does that you can share with the rest of us :grinning:

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