Automatically fill in of an input from another input

I would like to automatically fill in an input (as such not editable) from another input, from another page

You could send data to the url in the workflow tab just make up a key and fill in the data and have the element on the other page grab it

Thanks but could you use the same wording than in bubble that I could better understand what to do. e.g. is a key a new thing?


I am sure this is normal functionality but how do I populate a field form an element on the same page. I have used the URL function before but that is pushing to another page but do i need to do that for the same page.

A text Box does not allow mathematical calculations as it is only in a text format (i think)

I have attempted to put the logic in as a place holder in an input field - but then when i press save the field is considered empty and the data doe not save. When I put the same calculation in initial content it is red? Why will it work for placeholder and not initial content?

This is because you’re using the format as minutes modifier but the Content Format is Date. You would need to change the input duration date Content Format to Integer and then this would work.

It worked :slight_smile:

Thank you!

So I have moved onto the next level which is adding time value together.

Does anyone know why we can not add minutes but we can add any other time interval??


Who knows?! You can easily just use the +(seconds) modifier and multiply whatever interval by 60.

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