Automatically filling in a text box based on an input on a previous page

Hi, would it be possible to have a text box on a page’s value change based on the input of a previous page? I currently have a database set up to record the data received from the multiline input;

And my goal is to separate the text by the commas entered and have them fill in below instead of [symptoms]

Hi @chungkierin7,

I’m assuming that you need your flow to be on separate pages instead of doing it all on a single page and showing/hiding groups with conditions. There are ways to send the required data:

it seems to me like your data is structured so that a diagnosis has a property called list of symptoms of type text. In this case you are not creating a single record in the DB for each symptom; just one text value related to a diagnosis.

There are two ways to go about this as I see it:
1. Schedule an API workflow
a) create a data type called symptom and make a diagnosis have a list of that as a property.
b) on hitting the button, schedule an api workflow to create a list of symptoms of the multiline input’s value separated by commas.
c) making the rating screen of type (diagnosis) and send the current diagnosis data to that screen on hitting the button as well.

2. single input instead of rich text
a) instead of using a mutiline input, add a normal text input and a repeating list of the current diagnosis’s symptoms.
b) each time the user enters a symptom and hits Enter, a new symptom record is created. This way is better for the UX as users can see and distinguish the added symptoms better and remove a wrong one with a single click.
c) again, the rating page should be of type diagnosis and when the user clicks the button to move to next age, the current diagnosis is sent to the rating page.

Hi, thanks for the reply! How would the repeating list on the bottom be made in workflow?

Hi, you mean the repeating group on the rating page? It just gets information from parent group as data source and when input value is changed, the symptom’s rating is saved.

And if you had it for the enter symptoms page for how the workflow works thanks.