Automatically generating feedback form on same day/time each week

Hi all,

I’m trying to automatically generate a “feedback form” on a weekly basis for any PAYING clients, and having some difficulty working out exactly how to do this.

I have the following 2 tables in Bubble:


  • Client name
  • Client timezone
  • Active paying client (binary: yes / no)


  • Feedback form ID
  • Rating of experiences over last 7 days
  • Feedback comments
  • Linked field - Clients

I’m trying to do the following:

  • Where any client has “active paying client = yes"
  • Every Monday 9AM (in their local timezone), create a new “feedback form item” in the “feedback table"
  • Note that this “feedback form item” will then be displaying in a RG that I am showing somewhere in the “client portal"

I’ve started by setting up a “recurring event”, and then my idea was to activate this “recurring event” through triggering a API endpoint that I was in the process of setting up.

Would appreciate some direction - I’m new to the “backend workflows” tab, and have read around extensively on the bubble forum, but don’t seem to be getting the hang of it.

Triggering at a certain day and time, local to whichever client also seems a challenge. I could explore zapier/integromat, but for now wanting to ideally keep as much logic in bubble as I can.

Many thanks in advance!

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