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Automatically populate Google Sheets with KPIBees


A lot of times you need to use a Google Sheet within Bubble to display data.

I would like to show you a simple and inexpensive way of how to pull data to Google Sheets from various data sources (web scraper, databases, APIs) and then use the Google Sheets further.

The tool that we will be using is called KPIBees - https://kpibees - and it’s a Google Sheet Add-on that can automate data to Google Sheets. Here are a few tutorials on how to use it: KPIBees - YouTube

The use cases are:

  • People that provided updating database spreadsheet reports to others without giving access to the database.
  • Viewing API (JSON/XML) responses in a nicely formatted way.
  • E-commerce shops building a fulfillment system in spreadsheets.
  • Traders pull data from various stock APIs and make informed decisions.
  • People that built a website from a spreadsheet and used KPIBees to populate the data.
  • Digital agencies build ads dashboards and share them with their clients (within your logged in area)

Let me know what you think!