Automatically save numbers from DB to phone

Hei guys I think I m asking something impossible but who know if there is a fool that can answer , so here is my question…

Once a user is registering to my website, I would love that the information about Name, Surname and phone number will be saved directly to my iphone. So that I can then send a message.

Do you have any idea if that’s feasible?

I don’t know of a solution for this but it’s a good idea. One workaround would be to text the info to your phone in a format which is easy to then save.

Actually my final objective is to save these data just for sending what’sapp messages without having to pay. Don’t know if there is a solution for free messages

You can send yourself an email with all the user’s information that you can then save and send whatsapp messages yourself.

Automated whatsapp messages will always come with a price. Cheapest service i know is Flexible options for all sizes — 2Chat, mainly because it does not charge on a per message basis.