Automating openai call

I am working on an idea and working through the functions to make it operational.
One aspect I would like the user to be able to receive automated social media posts generated by openai API on a daily/weekly basis using criteria set.

How would we achieve this?

I’m just scoping the idea at present…

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Hey @richie_greenuk :wave:

I already do this for my own business. You could schedule a backend workflow to run daily or weekly by looping itself. Or you can check daily to see if it matches a date and then run the workflow. There are a few different ways to do this.

Any specific questions about it that you want me to expand on? Let me know. :blush:


So, running through my plan, it’s just backend workflows.
The user will set a process on the front end to run the OpenAI API each day to create a post based on the criteria they set.
This is then run by the backend workflow as per the client setting and output is placed in the database for access by the client.
Does this sound workable?
There are a few other elements we are adding but not directly related to the backend workflow.

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Yeah, that should get you started. There are many ways to do this, that seems like a reasonable way to start. :blush:

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