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Autosave feature


Any ideas on how can I add an autosave function to my app? The same autosave function that Bubble uses to save our progress in our app´s editor.

In my app, users create cooking recipes and I want them to be able to pause their creation progress and resume it on other day, exactly where they left it (without having to hit a “save” button).

In this creation process, users can create, modify and delete various data types and data fields. So all this creations, modifications and deletions should be autosaved.

I guess that if Bubble is built using Bubble, then we should be able to build a feature like Bubble’s autosave as well.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Use the ‘autobind’ function :slight_smile: This is just for auto saving updates to an existing record though.

Creating new things and deleting things require a workflow - just find ways to make this feel as automatic as possible for the user :slight_smile: But there would need to be something the user initiates for a create or delete.

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