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Any ideas on how can I add an autosave function to my app? The same autosave function that Bubble uses to save our progress in our app´s editor.

In my app, users create cooking recipes and I want them to be able to pause their creation progress and resume it on other day, exactly where they left it (without having to hit a “save” button).

In this creation process, users can create, modify and delete various data types and data fields. So all this creations, modifications and deletions should be autosaved.

I guess that if Bubble is built using Bubble, then we should be able to build a feature like Bubble’s autosave as well.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Use the ‘autobind’ function :slight_smile: This is just for auto saving updates to an existing record though.

Creating new things and deleting things require a workflow - just find ways to make this feel as automatic as possible for the user :slight_smile: But there would need to be something the user initiates for a create or delete.

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Hi @equibodyapp
I want the autosave for text, and other elements. But i’m not using bubble database. So basically i just that if user is idle for 3sec then i want to save the values of input fields.

Can you guide me with this?

Thank you.

Where are you saving the values to?

I’m not sure. What will be good option to store data apart from bubble DB?
Can i use custom state to store the values.?

Thank you

Why aren’t you using the Bubble database?

You can use custom states to store values temporarily on the page (although that’s only necessary if you’re clearing the input values themselves)…

But if you want to store things permanently you’ll need to save them somewhere…

I don’t want to store values permanently. It’s just if user is idle for more than 3 sec then whatever inputs user have filled that needs to be stored. For that i’m thinking to use custom state. where we will eventually call the API to store it in the DB.

So it’s just user should be able to access last entered values. Will it be doable?

Thank you

yes it’s doable.

@equibodyapp what autosave workflow would you use on a create workflow?

i tried but this workflow but it does not save:
multiline’s value is changed, create a new note

Did you find a solution? I see this problem has not been deeply solved here.