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[Available] 20+ hours per week

Hello everyone,

I am available for any freelance work related to Bubble. I have published many templates and plugins on Bubble. I use escrow to work with clients, you can release funds untill you’re happy with the work delivered.

I charge $25 per hour. This is not much compared to most of Bubble freelancers. I believe in long term relationship that can last longer by delivering high quality for a relatively reasonable price.

Send me a PM for more information. I use escrow to work with clients, this way we are both guaranteed of a secured business together.



Hey my friend. Don’t sell yourself short. If you work is good then there is no problem getting at least $50/hr.

I would suggest you quote projects by the project itself instead of by the hour if you are committed to earning long term customers.

Try to figure out how long the project will take you, then you can calculate out how much it will cost. Then just do the work till it’s done.

You are probably worth more than $25/hr if you have been with Bubble long enough. Or try to get in with an agency. They can help you with quoting jobs and getting you work for a better price.


Well actually i’m trying to build a portfolio so I can get in with an agency.

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Just for what its worth…It’s probably better if you have your own work to show so you can really show your best work. Sometimes I do some work for others and I would not want to put that in my portfolio, for 2 reasons really…

  1. Their privacy
  2. Some of it is their own work, and it may not be how I would do things, maybe not the best UI or data structure that I would choose.

When I do freelance work most of the time it is just helping people with their apps not necessarily creating their app from scratch. So it isn’t something I want to put in a portfolio.

Do you have any projects you did on your own that you can share? We can give feedback if you need it to help you along. Hope you get some work for yourself :slight_smile:


Maybe you can also consider joining AirDev’s partnership program.
You will definitely earn more than $25/hr, you wouldn’t have to worry getting leads yourself and you can build your portfolio from there.
Good luck.


Well I haven’t used anything without permission. Client’s privacy is most important. I have a portfolio. Check my contributor profile here.


You work seems really good, you definitely should not sell yourself short. You are worth at least the $50/hour. Try an agency maybe. :slight_smile:

I’m building my portfolio before I launch my company and website. Thanks for the advice.

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