Available for Bubble Projects - Ready to Start Immediately!

Hey Bubble Community,

I’m an experienced developer and integration expert who is currently at the beginning of my Bubble journey. I’m eager to take part in Bubble projects and contribute my skills to the community.

With a strong background in development and expertise in integration, I bring valuable insights and knowledge to the table. Whether it’s coding, database design, or seamless integration with external systems, I’m ready to jump in and make a meaningful impact.

I’m seeking opportunities that offer a rate of $10 per hour for my services. I believe in establishing mutually beneficial partnerships where both parties are satisfied with the value delivered.

I’m available to start working immediately. If you have a project that could benefit from my expertise, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll be happy to collaborate and bring great ideas to life!

Looking forward to connecting with the talented Bubble community and embarking on exciting projects together.

thanks a lot. Avi

Can you link to your portfolio?

Thanks, Rohan. I haven’t shared my portfolio yet. I’m currently working on it.

So you’ve not built any apps yet or don’t have a portfolio site? I’m interested in seeing if you’ve built anything. We’re looking to hire!

I wrote few apps, for learning purpuses, took some intensive courses, develop cloned apps (e.g. Salesforce), I belive that I gained the necesery knowledge and experience for the next phase - start contributing real life apps. Will be more than happy to work with you.