Avast is treating bubble apps as malware

I have Avast running on my Windows PC. It is treating bubble apps as malware. It just happened now. It may be similar to another prior incident.


Same here, with Avast to

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Also having this issue with Avast.

Happening to me as well. Can’t open any app after an Avast initial warning.

Same on all apps, whether running on a custom domain or subdomain or not.

Not sure if this is related or not, but the timing does seem to be more than a coincidence. I’m using custom CSS and Javascript and suddenly the CSS stopped working for hiding a scrollbar and the Javascript isn’t syncing a scroll between two repeating groups. It was working perfectly right up until this was posted, and has been for weeks.

So we are seeing some strage behaviour in our version-test with repeating groups also, they’re all squashed and I suspect it’s CSS but just thought it might be worth mentioning!

Same Issue

Same here with AVG. It looks exactly the same as what is described in the Forum post you mentionned.

Most of my repeating groups are broken now , even in live app without any changes.

Tagging @bubble for visibility in this thread, too.

Same …for me. From past posts in the form, this has happened before. Is this is a common occurrence?
No sites developed with bubble.io seems to work. Is there a fix to this?

Peter Lal

J’ai le même problème actuellement

Aucun de mes sites Bubble ne fonctionne. Avast bloque l’ouverture du site en me disant que le site est infecté par html:Script.inf
Comment on fait ? :frowning:

Its AVG that’s picking it up as Malware on mine. :frowning:

Pete Lal

None of my Bubble sites are working. Avast blocks the opening of the site telling me that the site is infected with html:Script.inf
How do we do ?

I disable Avast so I can work my bubble app. @paigebetsy

yeah same issue for me too. I submitted a bug report 2 hours ago.

Any response from the team?

I also reported a false positive to Avast. as recommended by bubble last time this happened:

Nope zero so far.