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Aviar Gaming - Social Platform for Gamers and Game Developers


Aviar Gaming is a social network that has been released into BETA, we’re still working on a lot of features. What we have right now will be listed below:

  • Personal Profile
  • Account Type - Game Company/Personal
  • Statuses - Yours, Friends, and Pages you follow.
  • Page Creation - For those who are a game company or indie developer.
  • Game Registration - Only can be created if the game developer has their page up.
  • Verified Form - Allows profile/pages to submit a form to be verified.
  • List of Games you liked
  • Friend Requests
  • Page Statuses
  • Messaging
  • Support Forum

As you can probably gather, we’re a social platform for gamers and game developers, we are looking for people who wish to BETA test our social network, give us feedback and ideas. Below are links to our social media pages and social network.

Instagram: @aviargamingtk
Product Hunt:
Facebook: @aviargamingtk
Support Forum:

Thank you for viewing this. :slight_smile:

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Because this isn’t a real email address, I feel I can share this screenshot. I value all constructive criticism, if you feel like my designing is bad, please at least have the audacity to either message me in private or post on this topic, otherwise I don’t know what part(s) of the design do not look good so I can make adjustments accordingly. Also, thank you for clarifying that my email verification isn’t working correctly, I will be looking into the issue and fixing it.

If you are looking for design inspiration. A website I like to browse is Dribbble, tons of great digital designers come together to share their works. Updates daily.

Might give you some cool ideas to try to replicate in Bubble.


Thank you for the suggestion, I just don’t know if this person didn’t like the overall theme or just certain parts. :laughing:

Currently in the progress of creating a new theme, it’s going to be a lot more basic, but also incorporating some of the colors that our current theme has.

A nice theme with all the essential features which are required in a theme. Big congratulations for creating a amazing theme

Hello there,

Thank you for the kind words, I’m going to be start selling it out as that, it was going to be an actual a social network from me, but I have decided to pursue a different route.

The name reminds me of the Silicon Valley company Aviato :slight_smile:


is this game, available on the play store and app store now?


Hello marshray509,

This wasn’t a game of any kind. It was a Social Network. I’m no longer actively working on this projec.t

Aviato however is still very much alive.