Avoid duplication of entry when submitting survey

Hei guys I love this forum so I d like to ask you another question

I want user to submit answers about a specific survey

It may happen that when a user sumbit some answers of the survey he/she may change idea and come back to change answers (after they have submitted some answers already). As a result the entry will be dubled and this is not good or the database I image

Solution I m looking
When a user change idea about some answers I want that only one entry will be modified instead of being doubled.

Here a video of my problem:

Hi there, @gianlucabiancardi96… to eliminate duplicate entries in the situation you are showing in your video, you need to have two workflow events (not two actions within the same event) with conditions on them so that the events only run in specific situations. One of the events will run when a count of a search for a thing in the Answer data type that was submitted by the current user is 0, and that event will have an action in it to create a new thing. The other event will run when a count of the same search is > 0, and that event will make changes to the first item returned by the search.

Here is an example of the first workflow event I described.

Here is an example of the action in the workflow event that edits an existing thing in the Answer data type.

Hope this helps.


Hei Mike,

many thanks for the answer :smiley: I understand your logic.
However, I ve tried to replicate what you said but I m not seeing the second step of modifing the entry.
Here the video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

At the 11 second mark, you don’t have a constraint on the search that looks like the one in my first screenshot, and at the 15 second mark, you aren’t changing any fields in the workflow action.

Sec 11: Ok got the first point, I think it didn’t save it at the end - now is the same

Sec 15: Do you mean something like that?

The answer fields should be set to the corresponding input elements on the page, not the current thing’s answers.

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You should just let duplicate entries and filter them with unique elements. Less wasteful on resources.

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It worked, thank for the patience!

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