Avoiding creating duplicate pending matches


I’m having trouble using one workflow to create three separate “pending” matches without creating duplicates. How would you do this in the workflow? The attached screenshot is what I currently have, but if I copy that three times I get the same three matched users even though it says random. I want to store three random “pending” users.




@joshua.luna0, add a filter to that Search for Users to avoid duplicates:

Action 1: Search for Users:random item

Action 2: Search for Users:filtered (Unique ID <> result of step 1’s AV Coach User’s Unique ID):random item

Action 3: Search for Users:filtered
(Unique ID <> result of step 1’s AV Coach User’s Unique ID)
(Unique ID <> result of step 2’s AV Coach User’s Unique ID)
:random item

So step 2 filters out the coach saved in step 1, and step 3 filters out the coaches saved in steps 1 and 2.

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@romanmg you are brilliant! This worked perfectly.

For displaying these results in a repeating group (to show the user these pending matches) is it best to create an additional action to this workflow that displays a list in a repeating group? If so, what’s the best datasource to choose?



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Great! It totally depends on what you’re doing. You could either:

  1. Display List to an RG on the page with source set to Search for Matches (initiated user = current user, status = pending)


  1. Have the default source of the RG already set to the same Search for Matches. As the records are created, the RG will update.

@romanmg For these options, how can I ensure that the same three matches for this specific workflow show up?

I’ve done the following changes to the sources and have nothing show up when I display the group.

The search constraints you have there are saying the unique ID has to equal all three at the same time, which won’t ever happen.

Instead, do result of step 1 :converted to list :plus item result of step 2 :plus item result of step 3. That should work.

If for some reason you aren’t seeing those options, there are plenty of alternative expressions to get this specific list… Advanced filter, merged searches, custom state, etc. But try the above first.

Thank you, I found that changing the default source in the RG worked smoothly. You’ve been extremely helpful @romanmg.

When source data pulls into the repeating group, I have the option to “view” a pending matches profile through a workflow button in the group itself. Would I have to make three separate buttons for this? Or is there a way to have the “View profile” group pull the individual data points from the users information (name, location, etc.)?


Is the View Profile button inside a repeating group cell? Is that repeating group the list of pending matches? If so, then that button would be referencing each individual match. From here, the button can either go to a separate dynamic page (with the page’s type of content set to User or Match) or show a dynamic group (with group’s type of content set to User or Match)

That repeating group cell is a reference to an entire Match record, so in short, yes, you can display the individual user info a variety of ways.

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@romanmg The “view profile button” is inside the repeating group and the repeating group is the list of pending matches. What’s the best way to configure the button to reference each individual match? The button’s workflow shows a new group. I’ve tried a couple of different options but I either get one set of data for all the pending matches or I get blank information.