Award forum "Badges" at dynamic intervals?

I have a make-your-own-forum web app and I want the owners to be able to award badges to their users based on dynamic conditions. The part I’m having trouble with are these dynamic conditions.

To get an idea of what I mean, you can look at your own badges for this Bubble forum. You’re given one when you first edit a post, one when you get so many likes, one when you make so many posts, etc. I could make something like this but I’d like my users to be able to make their own badges and give them out automatically when they choose.

The design part is done - users can design and name their badges whatever they want. What’s left is the dynamic conditions on which they are given out.

Right now, I’ve limited their options to choose a number and then a data type to reach. For example: Award BADGE after 7 days/posts/comments

After this, I’m completely lost if this is even possible. MAYBE this can be done with backend workflows but I feel that with hundreds of users it can get really messy.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I have not tried this and am sitting in an airport so who knows…
Set up a few options with values comment, posts, etc and a value. Make sure that there is a matching field in your database to the option and use a dynamic field with the option value in it.
So when dynamic field is greater than value then…

This probably makes little sense as I am about to board but even if it sparks an idea for you… good luck

Ahh, yes. This is a good idea when there are static badges (and I may just have to go with this if I can’t get the other way to work) but I need to apply a data type when custom user conditions are met.

When you land, can you elaborate a bit more just so I have a better understanding of what you meant? I think we’re on the same page.

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