☁️ AWS File Uploader No File Size Limit- New Plugin from Zeroqode

Hello, @stayshure
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Through this message, we would like to notify you and all the users that we significantly updated the documentation for our plugin and now, it’s really detailed and extensive :dizzy: :partying_face:
Please check it here:

We hope that will be helpful for you.
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Hey @ZeroqodeSupport
When a user clicks on “Remove” inside the uploader after successfully uploading multiple files, how do we know which file they removed?
and can’t we get an action on that Remove button?

Hi @maheshkasindi, thanks for your message.

If we understood your question right, you are asking about the removal of files that are added to the Fileuploader GUI element.
To visualise the element to be removed, please check the following options:

In case we’ve understood your questions wrong, please let us know and bring more details for the case understanding.

For additional guidance, please check the plugin demo editor page: zeroqode-demo-02 | Bubble Editor

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Zeroqode Support Team

Thanks for your response

I’m using Uploading Finished action to add files to bubble. How do I remove the file from Bubble that a user removes from GUI uploader?

Hi @maheshkasindi,

Regretfully, the current plugin doesn’t include such an event. Sorry about that.

Please let us know if there will be any other plugin-related questions that we can help with.


Hi @ZeroqodeSupport,

I have the same issue: When my users import vertical pictures, the buttons are not visible and it’s not natural to scroll within a popup on a mobile device, so they do not confirm their crop and it breaks the onboarding since the users cannot go to the next step.

It would be very useful to stick the buttons at the bottom of the screen in order to ensure that the buttons are always visible.

Hi @adoulkevin, thanks for your suggestion and sorry for the inconveniences met during our plugin use.

We’ve added it to the plugin’s plan of possible improvements, so the developer team will check how feasible would be to add it in future plugin updates.
If any news in this regard will appear, we will let you know within this thread.

Drop us a message if in meanwhile there will be any other plugin-related questions.

Zeroqode Support Team

Dear @ZeroqodeSupport team. I saw you released an update (1.136.0). I had to revert back to the previous version as the new version is not working (note: I’ve been using this plugin for 2 years already). Best

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Hi @ZeroqodeSupport , I have a limited understanding as the issue is not well covered here and in the documentation. I am trying to setup the edit function for the created thing with multiple images (initially uploaded to AWS bucket with File Uploader element) to retrieve the already created/saved list of file URLs and show them back in the ‘File Uploader’ element and enable users to add/delete the images as they want. Do I need to use S3Objects element to retrieve and show the images and how can I efficiently set this up? Thanks

Same here. I’ve noticed that with the two Zeroqode plugins I have, I usually need to be careful when updating. This is the 3rd time where updating this specific plugin has caused it to stop working for me.

Hello, @Diego, @projectmuse.dev.

Would you be so kind as to tell us what exactly is happening when you are saying that the plugin is not working? The demo page functions normally as always, it is on the latest version.

Please specify your use case and the issue you have with the latest version. Feel free to attach your setup screenshots for creating a complete view of your case. We will be happy to help you resolve the issue you have faced.

Thanks. :pray:
Zeroqode Support Team

Hello, @sainbayar100.

Yes. As it is shown on the plugin demo page, to retrieve and display the list of files stored in your bucket you should use the S3Objects element. The element’s (the one you use to display the list of retrieved links) data source should be the following:


Hope it helps. :sunflower:
Zeroqode Support Team

Hi zeroqode.

i have bough the plugin and trying to configure aws side of stuff but it is totally different than the layout. i would like to know is there any updated document available of a reference video we could check and implement the aws side of work?

it gives me an error like below
“The AWS access key id you provided does not exist in our records”

what is the problem i dont know

and now i again followed the documentation and now when m trying i get the following error
Invalid identity pool configuration. Check assigned IAM roles for this pool.

can you tell me where i am making mistake as there is no AmazonPollyFullAccess in policy attachment

Hi @karan_trivedi248

Thank you for reaching out :slight_smile:

We are in the process of updating our documentation for the AWS File Uploader plugin. We apologize for the inconvenience it created!

Regarding your most recent question :

Please access the IAM console by clicking here. In the Navigation Panel on the left side, choose Roles

Choose the unauthenticated identity previously created gets you to the IAM role editor. Next step is clicking on Add Permission dropdown and choosing Attach Policies

On the Attach Policies page, you have to option to search for the policy itself. Type AmazonPollyFullAcces then press the Enter Button to search for the policy.

Please check the Checkbox on the right of the policy and then press on Add Premissions.

And that’s it! You should have successfully added the AmazonPollyFullAccess permission.

Hope this helped with this current issue. We will get back to you as soon as we have any updates :hugs:

i have done that but it is giving me an error like The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our record

aws error

Assigned role


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