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☁️ AWS File Uploader No File Size Limit- New Plugin from Zeroqode

Hi @hmduc1603,

Thanks for reaching out. Please follow the instructions via our forum here:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Hi all, is there any change in status to this question (e.g. restricting access to authenticated read/write files somehow)?

Hello, @will_ericksson
Thanks for reaching out.

Please allow us to recommend you carefully analyze the documentation for the plugin, especially the Additional Security section:

Here you can find the examples and links with information regarding settings of Access Control, Bucket Policy, and CORS policy to get started with basic security restrictions.

You can find more Bucket Policy examples here: Bucket policy examples - Amazon Simple Storage Service
. Feel free to try out other rules in order to improve your bucket security.

In case of any additional questions will appear- please let us know.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team