🛠 ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ AWS S3 Dropzone & SQS Utilities (Image Resizing & Compression, MultiUploader, Folder Support, No Filesize Limit & Automated AWS Environment Setup!)

Hello @dan27 ,

This error seems related to the upgrade to node.js 14 engine.
I have raised a ticket to Bubble because it looks like a node platform-versioning related issue on some clusters (the test one does not show any issues - as all my tests were done yesterday on this cluster).

I downgraded the package and issued an emergency fix - please upgrade to the latest available version.

That seemed to work. I let loose a number of expletives that I won’t share here. Thanks for the fix.

If the root-cause is what I think, I may have some to share.
However, I will keep quiet until I get a confirmation

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Does this plugin work for uploading videos to s3 and then being able to view these videos?

Thank you.

Hey @anon18381962 !

This plugin is content agnostic - so you may upload any file type and open those videos through their URLs

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Hi @redvivi - thanks for the good work on the plugin. I have it published and working properly but have run into an issue with file names. It appears that when my users put special characters in the file name (# for example), the file name was changed by AWS to handle it. The problem is I saved the temp URL with the special character… any ideas to get around this? Can I get the as-saved URL somehow?

When you do the “Generate pre-signed upload URL” action do a :find & replace on the filename and remove the AWS S3 not-allowed characters. I had same issue with the Wasabi plugin:

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Hey guys!

Just to let you know that a Cloud2Cloud File Transfer plugin has been released which may be useful as you are already using AWS as an external Cloud storage provider.

Typical use-case are Cloud to Cloud bulk file transfers or bulk file transfers from public sources to a Cloud storage provider, including AWS.


Hey @redvivi ,

Just wanted to point out an issue we’ve been seeing with some of our users, and I’ve confirmed this when testing on iPhone (Safari) as well - it seems that when the accepted file types on the AWS dropzone is set to “audio/*”, the native iOS file uploader is only allowing video files to be selected, which then fail to actually upload. I have audio files available to be selected, but they’re all grayed out and disabled in the system uploader, while video files are not.

Are you able to investigate if there is a fix for this issue, so our mobile users can use our platform & this paid plugin?

Thank you!

Hey @jgh3 ,

This behaviour is due to the MIME-type interpreted by the file systems of iOS.
Can you try specifying atomic MIME-types instead of wildcard one?

Such as

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Thanks for the quick reply @redvivi !

This mostly fixed the issue, with most uploads working on iOS now.

However, there is still a problem regarding m4a audio files specifically, where even when providing the following content types to the plugin:


m4a files cannot be selected on desktop devices, and while they appear selectable in the iOS uploader, they do not actually upload (although other audio formats do now).

Any thoughts, or are we missing the correct content type we’d need here?

Try adding “audio/x-m4a”


This worked- thank you! I ended up adding audio/x-wav as well, since on some platforms the other two wav options weren’t working either (if this is helpful for anyone else dealing with the same issue)


Hey Bubblers!

Just to let you know that the following actions have been added to that plugin:

  • Create Bucket in S3
  • Delete Bucket from S3


Hey Bubblers!

Just to let you know that this plugin has been updated with:

  • Image thumbnail support
  • Image resizing
  • Image compression


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Hello @redvivi

Is it possible to create a wf setup with access to files for an unlimited period? I think all links are expiring and you users can not access the files from S3?

Hey @psycholabdesign ,

All links are expiring per AWS design.
For your use-case, you may want to make your file public using the " Set File Public Access" action. Activating the “Generate URLs” option will output a permanent URL you may use.

Thanks for getting back quickly. @redvivi

I’ve tried setting up the way it is done on demo page - Awsutilitiesdemo-editor | Bubble Editor

Here is my setup

But I am getting an error during Set File Public action

Even though I see the Current File Exposed state is having the file_name in the AWS Dropzone file to which I am referring to in my wf.

Could you help here?

Hey @psycholabdesign ,

Sent you a DM on this.

Thanks @redvivi

Appreciate the support on my questions and messages.

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