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AWS S3 Storage for user files and images

Hi All - What is the best way to leverage AWS S3 to securely store a user’s files and images for an application? Which AWS region would be the best for performance based on where the bubble application resides?

This plugin:

Best region would be closest to your users.

Or if you really needed it you could definitely set up multiple buckets, each in a different region and upload to the one closest to each user (with a bit of work of course)

This would be if you want to store files in your own AWS S3 bucket directly.

Bubble does have it’s own built in AWS S3 storage that is handled natively, if you’re okay with the pricing and sharing the same bucket as everyone else (among other pros and cons)

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Thank you. I will look at this option.

Shameless plug for a much easier scalable storage solution. Just launched but relies on wasabi rather than S3.

Yup. However exposing credentials within the browser.

Indeed. Not surprisingly sold outside of the marketplace and therefore had no check from Bubble review team.

A secure option:

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Seems like this your own Wasabi bucket? Sounds not safe for other users

This is an approved plugin by the bubble team. i.e. you can find it on the plugin tab

We never expose WASABI keys in client side code… we handle all private keys on our own server and every user has their own bucket. We also monitor all uploads on the backend

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These are not Wasabi key, it’s a public key we (wisebubbler) generate for you that limits your storage uploads.

I have a lot of respect for you and your plug-ins @redvivi , would be great if we were more supportive of each other on forums as plug-in builders.

Thanks @wisebubbler for your consideration.

I am supportive of bubblers/builders that in turn support Bubble ecosystem by abiding by the rules and disclose security limitations to users, if any.

For your case, please refer to:

You buy or sell (license, really) templates and plugins for use with Bubble Sites on the Bubble Marketplace. Bubble provides the Marketplace as a service to our users, but is not responsible for transactions on the Marketplace. We do not warrant any item licensed through the Marketplace, but may reject or remove items that we determine do not meet our standards. If you sell an item on the Marketplace, you may not sell that item anywhere else.

Finally, Bubble moderators found wise to unlist the whole topic.

Happy to provide any further guidance if needed be.

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