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AWS SNS Webhooks


I am integrating AWS SNS webhooks into my app through the endpoints provided by Bubble Backend Worflows.

However, AWS does not let you edit the endpoint url once saved.

In other words, I can’t remove the “/ initialize” on the Amazon panel.

I tried to take the raw response from the first call and resend it via the postman to the endpoint without the / initialize, but without success.

The message format is incompatible with reading Bubble:

Here is the raw response sent by Amazon:

"{\n “Type” : “SubscriptionConfirmation”,\n “MessageId” : “afd3c1d9-4944-4172-969c-983b2f3ae87f”,\n “Token” : “2336412f37fb687f5d51e6e2425e90ccf51425cdb809efa8185c71fd2e309e4fb9cc8c53aad0d69ae1cdc43fc5c10b3b0d8b348bf266c6bc7bebf22dc9ebdeeae245a2629fc36cc106e3889d0b20c4011fb41c7086d6eca68d8bfaa2a0fd3a90e01022d14c5c744c2af6108da647e0a9fe5580324c1ef7b0cad91dcb1c8b4733”,\n “TopicArn” : “arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:252150164479:e-mails_regeitados”,\n “Message” : “You have chosen to subscribe to the topic arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:252150164479:e-mails_regeitados.\nTo confirm the subscription, visit the SubscribeURL included in this message.”,\n “SubscribeURL” : “[](\)”,\n “Timestamp” : “2021-04-08T20:26:35.631Z”,\n “SignatureVersion” : “1”,\n “Signature” : “AiASLm71AWq048ymWVeqQWI8BTjMndcOf8DD5YqBq07VyMFACIApjhp+LSXT9EcpyOfOUop/tJgLHobVaXYOYIFcTEPGyktYRU2UqyKb9bAHiu55iZQyegOWd5ncxUgnP+dssItm3J3l2BIRVSXwDBbmLzqbe8hoks6QIekhrrZtrHvJrmP72B9QjWONf7Ll6h+IPduxHl6ixW4a8fkg1dD2mnX8L0CN+l4akbjcjTqdaNp6O3l4YCakprv7cyB+DjRqpuRBrhN09Icn/4RfWcO2fUikBffK9UINTWGKeFP44DBw+indneyASise8DeUF+mLHJaMC7L60IeXcLYUPw==”,\n “SigningCertURL” : ""\n}"

How can I solve this problem?

Hi @danilo.del.colli.ep,

We are quite versed at integrating AWS services with Bubble through specific plugins we are developing - you can have a look at our portfolio

If that’s an option for you, please DM us, we would be happy to propose you a course of action.

I appreciate your contact, but the biggest problem is the integration with the AWS SNS webhook system.
Bubble is not recognizing the webhook body sent by AWS.

Thus, I think I will not be able to solve this problem directly in the Bubble editor.
I decided to do it through another application that I have developed in PHP.
In other words, AWS sends it to my system, this system handles the data and returns the readable data to the bubble.