Aylien Hashtag and Google Analytics APIs

Hey Bubble,

This is a two-for-one ask, as they both need to go together. So, for some context, I’m making an app that’s going to pull the most popular articles from your site based on a set of parameters the user defines, and push them to social in a loop. (So, for example, article #1 runs, article #2 runs, etc.) But before it pushes the social posts out, the software will give the user a starting base for the social posts (see .gif below.)


I’m having some issues with it…

  1. I made a plugin that connects to Aylien’s hashtag suggestion and, while it works, I’m having trouble getting it to display anything when the parameters are dynamic. I kinda need the params. to be dynamic. Here’s how it’s set up now:

Here are the results it gives me (IE: nothing)

When I set it up with one dynamic and one not… also nothing.

When I set it up with neither being dynamic… Boom - results!

Is there a way around this, maybe? Or another hashtag suggestion tool that might work?

  1. Pulling up the correct pages from GA and displaying them is something I can’t figure out right now. I know how to set the correct params for this (Google Analytics docs are pretty clear) what I can’t figure out is how to get those results to appear in a repeating group - or at all. The ideas is that they’d display as:

Line 1 (most pageviews): url | views
Line 2 (second most views): " "

There are a few ways I’ve tried to set this up, none of which were successful here’s one of them:

Results (identical every time):

How do I make that work?

Any help is appreciated!

Well, I got the hashtag suggestion figured out. The initial content just wasn’t a large enough sample for Aylien to make recommendations on. Now I feel silly.

Still could use help with the analytics if anyone can :slight_smile: