Azure AD B2C OAuth2 User-Agent Flow Issues

Hi everyone,

I am developing a Plugin to authenticate users with Azure AD B2C for an enterprise client. They use Azure B2C to allow users to Sign up and Sign in on a custom page. I want to use OAuth2 User-Agent to achieve this.

I have configured everything in Azure AD B2C, and I have received endpoints for authorization and token, after a successful login in their Azure B2C login page when I’m redirected back to the plugin editor I’m getting this error:

"There was an issue testing the authentication flow, please check your settings.
Error parsing data from APIPluginBuilderService: "

Did someone has an issue like this before?
What is causing this error?

I want to thank you in advance!

Kind regards,

You have ckeck your plugin configuration (user profile link, token link and other fields), i had a same problem and in the end i see that my User profile endpoint was worng.

Fixed the issue, the problem was on Azure AD B2C configuration not on the Bubble end.