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Back Button to a Randomly Sorted Repeating Group

Hey Bubbles,

I’m trying to implement a back button that works as follows:

  1. User looks through a set of profiles (via repeating group) that is randomly sorted.
  2. User clicks a profile and reads more about profile.
  3. User clicks back button and the sorted profiles haven’t changed placement.

Currently, the back button goes back to the repeating group, but I’m not sure the best way to show the same repeating group as the initial random sort.

You can take a look at what I’m trying to do here. You’ll need to signup - beta code is “trekme” (no quotes).

Thanks for any help or suggestions!



Your website is looking real good! Excellent geyser explosion :relaxed:

I didn’t fill out a profile right now - but for your issue: I suggest putting the profiles into a group, with a layered effect (so that the profile is on top of the repeating group, which is in the background)

You can play around with making the background darker/transparent, so that its not an issue for UX.

^ I think that would be a much simpler method. Because you would not be “leaving” the page - your repeating group would retain its order.

It would still look good that way; using groups instead of changing pages. You could make the group as big as the page itself if you wanted…

Since your current setup involves taking users to a new page via the repeating group; the solution would likely involve an unnecessarily intricate hack, possibly with custom states and getting parameters from the URL; of which I unfortunately, do not have the answer to :smile:

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Thanks Jordan! Appreciate the kind words on our site and your help on the back button issue. I think you’re right, maybe we embed the profile group within the repeating group so the user doesn’t go to a new page. Will play around with this soon.

Thanks again -

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