Back end workflow on Stripe subscription

Hi all, my customers post Ads, and the Stripe subscription runs with the Ad (not the User). So my customers could have 10 Ads running at once. The problem is on cancellation, I’m not sure if the back-end workflow trigger will differentiate between Ads when my customer wants to cancel?

Because in my Stripe there is only 1 advertising product with 1 price, my worry is that a User with 10 ads (ie 10 subscriptions) who cancels just 1 ad, will generate errors because the subscription ID is the same for all 10 ads.

I will use Test Mode to run QA on my own to figure this out, but wanted to post here in case someone has already dealt with this before and has an answer. Thanks!

Each subscription got the unique charges id, you can use that to track which ads got canceled.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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