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Hey all,

I’m not sure if I’m going crazy or not.

I’m using page parameters in my app and it appears that when i add a page parameter to the same page the user is on the back button recognises it as a new page.

So when I press back in the browser it stays on the page but reverts to the previous URL.

I’m sure that it used to ignore this and it was possible to change the page parameters within the page without affecting the browser navigation.

Are others seeing this? has it always been like this? am i crazy?

Hey :wave:

I’m not sure how it’s always been but my app does rely on it working this way. So I hope it’s not a fluke that it happens this way. :blush:


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Hhaha I knew someone would say that, that their use case needs it different.

For some reason I thought the checkbox (replace item in browser history) allowed for your use case…

Or perhaps it allows for mine. hmmmm :thinking:

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Yes right, so for the last year I have been checking that box and experiencing the bahaviour that I was looking for.

It appears that around a month ago I decided to no longer check that box for no apparent reason…

Problem solved, if you want the page parameters to not be included as a page in the browser navigation, check the box
Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 11.29.47 am

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