Backend API workflow end detection

Curious to know what people’s best tips and tricks are to detect when a backend workflow is done.

Hello @toby2

I change a status on the entry once it has run … or sometimes create a log as well. If need be an email notifying me. Informing good or bad things of course. Depends on the context.

Yeah that works in some cases:

Case 1: List of items.
If you have a custom index, you can set a ‘if index is XX then do workflow (email / whatever)’

Case 2: Processing List of items individually (like a JSON data set)
This is where I can’t figure it out… I mean technically, you could get the index count too, but if you are processing X items, and Y items from X item#1, then this becomes tricky.

Recursives are easier. Just apply actions with conditions that allow you track successes and failures.