Backend API workflow response headers

The Content-Type in bubble’s API response is content-type: application/json.
But we need content-type: application/json;charset=utf-8

Would be nice to have an additional parameter in ‘Return data from API’ action as list of key-value to specify nedded headers



This is an incredibly annoying issue that has been ignored for a very long time. I can’t imagine it’d be that complicated to add since they already allow switching to “content-type: plain/text” via the checkbox. All they need to do is add a field that allows you to enter the content type of your choice. It would solve so many issues around interacting with outside APIs.

@josh @nickc Is there any hope for us advanced Bubbles when it comes to adding this?

I mocked up a UI for this feature that can be found here: Feature Request: 'Return Data from API' More Content Type Options


You can do it with in a couple of weeks. At headers to only specific urls

I’ll check it out. It will be live soon?

Almost. In two weeks.

Bubble released a fix. You can now do it inside bubble.

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