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Backend/Fullstack Dev with Bubble/Aptos chain/Moralis API experience

Hi everyone!

We need to establish a sustainable connection to the Aptos chain.

We need to:

a) be able to connect any wallet to our website

b) specifically, Petra Aptos wallet required

Be able to create/sign/use smart contracts on Aptoschain

Be able to buy/sell tokens, smart contracts shares and so on

The Architecture:

Application is built on Bubble & connected to Aptos through Moralis middleware.

You don’t have to have extensive Bubble experience, but you must have demonstrable competencies and understanding of how Aptos & Moralis work.

How to apply:

Please complete our screening form and we’ll get back to you


#hiring #backend #fullstack #developerjobs #experiencedcandidates #bubble #aptos #blockchain #moralis #api

Hello @w-i
Hope you are doing well,
I have sent you PM, please check it.
Thank you