Backend Schedule API Workflow Showing all List/Array Parameters

Two Schedule API Workflows - one on categories, one on products, two parameters on each for index and counter for recursive loop the rest of the parameters marked as list/array.

Categories Schedule API is fine

Products Schedule API brings everything forward.

Literally copied Products from Categories and changed the endpoints.

Make it Make Sense. I have no idea what causes this.

Can you elaborate it little further sir. what you want to achieve and what is being wrong

The fields in the API workflow are NOT optional, that’s why you get the red warnings

In the categories, the fields are not set to optional, just as list/array - and the only ones that appear in the workflow are the parameters not selected as list/array. But when I did the same thing for products, all of the fields are appearing in workflow settings. Products is a copy of categories.

Categories have about a dozen columns of data that will come from Woo into the app. Those are defined as parameters as list/array in the end point get_categories. But, there are two parameters, index and counter, configured in the end point that are NOT designated as list/array.

So the end point workflow starts with make changes to categories and matches columns to parameters and the parameters also use item#index so that the index can loop through the 133 rows.

After the action is configured, I set up the Schedule API Workflow to create the loop. And the two parameters NOT set as list/array index, counter are exposed and I set them up to run the loop.

I copied this entire setup, switched from the get_categories to get_products endpoint, defined the product parameters and mapped them to the product columns in the database. When I went to Schedule the API Workflow, all of the parameters, even those that are list/array, appeared.

The images show the two different configurations for Schedule API Workflow using identical end point structures. Cannot figure out why they are different.

Assuming if you use a variable in the url string the entire string has to be variables?

Do you have time for a short call, if so you have to walk me through the app. still confuse what you are doing,

unless you select the parameter as optional they need to be given.

Sorry - walked away for a few days. Still having the same problem on all of the API’s except for Categories. Rebuilt everything from scratch and still the same issue.