Backend worflow loop - passing an array with nulls

I have a working backend workflow which iterates over a list of activities assigning on them trucks and other parameters.

It works - as when triggering I pass list of activities and list of trucks/parameters which are later reassigned to the former. The trigger is recognizing the item correctly.


Data passed:
a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6
t1, t2, t3
p1, p2, p3

a 1 - t1 - p1
a2 - t1 - p1
a3 - t2 - p2
a4 - t2 - p2
a5 - t2 - p2
a6 - t3 - p3

What I need is:
null, u1, null array to be passed.
How do I pass an array where I have a data set of ex. null, data1, null? As when I pass this parameter additionally, I get a result, that the parameter is not properly iterated over an array. Anybody had an issue like this?

Hi @michal.friedrich :wave:

I have some questions…

  1. Why do you have to send empty parameters!?

  2. This list is being generated in front end? Can you share this workflow?

  3. Are you using schedule workflow on a list and sending the generated list to this endpoint?

  4. Can you share your backend workflow?

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Hi Rafael.

Wanted to tell you I have solved this issue but this doesn’t work.

But I limited the problem just to one case, which can be tricky.

Nulls are no longer a problem, the only problem lies when I sam sending a list with the 2ce the same parameter.

Ex. the list is p1, p2, p1.
This is the moment the loop goes haywire and after the first activity receives the p1 parameter after the p2 segment ends, it starts assigning nulls.
Probably it removes this parameter for some reason, but I don’t understand why.

When I fail with tests, I will ask for help if I am really out of ideas.
Thank you for help and good questions.