Backend Workflow Deleting 1 record/second

I have a few thousand debug records to delete and created a Backend Workflow to do so.
It runs for a few minutes with the blue top progress bar moving until it gets almost all the way to the right and I get the message “operation timed out - app too busy” so I click Ok.
After that my count of # of records starts decreasing by ~ 1 per second (see top screenshot below) .
The simple delete of the last item and the workflow that calls the Backend Workflow are shown in the screenshots below.
How can I speed things up?
Thanks, Mark.

Hi @marksrunge!

Did you already tried to move all the process to the backend? Including the generation of the list of things that will be deleted?

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Ahhh! No. I didn’t think of doing that. I’ll try that now. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi again.
I found this YouTube tutorial that backs up what you say.
Thanks again.
How to Run a Loop in - YouTube

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