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Hello Bubble team,

I have a back end workflow running 7 steps. The 5th step is conditional and only implemented when a math.js result in step 4 is greater than 10. The issue is when the math.js is under 10 (so step 5 isn’t run) step 6 and 7 also don’t run! How do I set it so steps 6 and 7 still run if step 5 is not?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @bentomsouthgate

Why don’t you try setting steps 6 & 7 to only run when the result from step 4 is less than or equal to 10? So whatever the condition in step 5 is just do the alternate for 6 &7?

Note: if step 5 is a simple > then make sure 6 & 7 are less than or equal to 10 so you don’t miss 10 :grinning:

Hi @josh24

Thanks for the help, in your method of setting step 6 & 7 to the opposite of step 5, does that require removing the ‘Only when’ on step 5? We still need to step 6 and 7 to run even no matter if step 5 runs

I got it slightly wrong

Step 3 runs a math.js (calculating score 1)

Step 4 saves the math.js score 1

Step 5 modified the score 1 to 10 if the value currently saved (from step 3 math.js) is greater than 10 (So score 1 can never be ay greater than 10…)

Step 6 runs a math.js (calculating score 2 which contains score 1)

Step 7 saves the math.js score 2

So we always need 6 and 7 to run regardless of if step 5 does…

Is there a way for math.js post in step 4 to calculate 2 equations, one comes back with the actual score,one comes back with 10 then in step 4 it saves the lowest number making step 5 redundant?

If so what would this look like with all the " " and () ?


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