Backend Workflow to extract data from one collection, create another

I have a big dataset of cars I imported from an excel spreadsheet and I wanted to make it searchable, and I did, but the performance is terrible because it’s 900 car trims with about 60 columns of data in each. What I’d like to do is create some a backend workflow to extract an individual model name, lowest MSRP from all the trims that are from current year, first year of model production, last year of model (if any) and most importantly, list of the ID’s of trims of that model. This way I’d be able to let people search a much smaller dataset, then if they wanted more info on a specific car it would only be calling those individual ID’s, not doing another big search.

So the essence of my question is: can you use backend workflows to extract data from one place, make new things in another and if so, could someone point me to an example?