Backend Workflow update db results daily?

Hello Bubble,

I am trying to figure out how to update results that were stored into my Lotto Results in my Results table to update the Lotto Results in my Entries table. Can I ask some logic guidance on how to make this work? I just realized there’s a whole new world with Backend Workflows and really new on how to make it work once on a daily basis.

You open up the Workflow Tab on your Backend Workflow Page. Then create a workflow called ‘New recurring event…’. Add the relevant actions. Then you will need to go to a front end page and add a button. Set the action for when that button is clicked to schedule the recurring event. Once the recurring event is scheduled you can then discard the button and page used to create it. You should be able to check your workflow status on the Logs tab and under Scheduler you will see the scheduled recurring workflow.

Thank you for the assist logic-wise! Do you have a method in mind on how to update database entries based on a value from another database? I can’t seem to make this work on backend workflows.

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