Background location services with Wrappers (BDK/Codeless)

I’m jumping on the opportunity of having 99% of the most active Bubblers connected on the forum to ask the following:

Did someone ever manage to somehow use background location services with a Wrapper?

I know this might be doable with a custom script on the native app itself to send the location at regular intervals / using geofencing through an API, but I have no clue where to start looking for.
Any feedback is appreciated!

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Bumping this in case it got buried under the recent forum flooding :clap:

2018 - 2022 :grinning:, before this topic gets closed, would like to seek advice if there is any wrapper working well with background locations? We are running a delivery app that requires background location of drivers even he/she is not using the app. Thanks for any recommendations or sharings

As far as I know, none of them provides this feature.
It might easily be doable though with Jasonette, but I don’t know enough to help you at this stage :slight_smile:

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