Background Video in Firefox

Thanks for taking a look at it. I just tried again with an adblock turned off and it still doesn’t work. The strange thing is that I don’t think it has to do with the browser because on other sites I am able to see video fine…the idea actually came from seeing about 30 different site designs using background videos.

I also have some other buggy type of issues with it.

  1. I would assume if there was an adblock causing the video to not playback that the “fallback image” would be displayed instead; this is not the case for me, I get only a black screen.

  2. When I have the checkbox play on silent checked

In the debugger mode it shows that Play video silent is a no

If I go into the editor and uncheck the box and then check it again, in the debugger mode the play video silent will show yes. However, when closing the browser and opening again the same issue occurs, debugger shows no despite the fact the checkbox is checked in editor.

I know in the past there were issues with this, that seemed to have been resolved. It was the same issue.

I feel like something might not be working as it is supposed to. I would feel a lot better if the fallback image was at least being displayed.