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Backup/Recover app for Bubble

Dear Bubble community,

My company has built a safe & easy-to-use backup app for popular web apps such as Asana, Airtable and It offers daily, automated backups as well as features that cover different use cases such as accidental data deletion or corrupted data.

We have had some customers requests to roll-out our backup solution for Bubble as well.

Before proceeding on our app, we are looking to get as much validation as to whether any use cases pertaining to backup, restore or undo functionality are commonly requested by customers, to help inform our business case and prioritize our roadmap.

We know that Bubble offers very decent backup capabilities in-house, but here are the use cases we have identified from our own customers where we are thinking to add value beyond what the platform already does:

  • Extra level of disaster recovery
  • Advanced restoration capabilities (>30 days)
  • New team members feel confident making changes to boards and tasks, knowing they have a rollback option
  • Business continuity during service outages

Curious to hear what the community thinks of a potential dedicated backup for Bubble?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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love it

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