Barcodes and Excel


I am using a LS2208 barcode scanner for code 128 scans into Excel.
I use the bar code from the users guide to set the scanner to to a “Tab” movement(field moves to the right after each scan) after each scan. I only have 4 items to scan but then want to go to a new line (enter key or carriage return) after the last scan and then back to the Tab movement again after the first scan.

Scan 1 (Name) Scan 2 (Item) Scan 3 (qty) Scan 4 (number)
Scan 4 (New name) Scan 5 (item) Scan 6 (qty) Scan 7 (number)
I would like to be able to do this without Starting the line with the “Tab” Key barcode, make the first 4 scans and then scanning the Enter Key barcode to get to the next line and then having to scan the Tab key barcode again

I am ok with Excel and maybe do something in a Macro might be the answer, but I would think that this would be a common problem that has a solution just using the barcode scanner.

Thank you