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Base64 decoded pdf is broken on mobile view


I’m using a base64 decoded pdf in an HTML element. This works just fine on desktop view (see screenshot I of Safari) but is broken on mobile views. It seems the pdf is not set to center somehow in the viewer and instead shows this cross in the center with parts of the pdf around it.

I need to get the PDF from an API that sends it base64 encoded. But maybe there is a better to do this?

So far I found out for myself: it’s not the encoding but the mobile browser which is not able to render the PDF correctly. I tried the bubble Plugin PDFViewer but it can not handle the file for some reason. As there is no real documentation i’m stuck with that plugin.
I’m looking for different html solutions at the moment. One is to use the google docs viewer but I would like to use another method and avoid google for the moment.

tldr; its not base64 but rendering a pdf in html on desktop and mobile. still looking for a solution