Base64 vs PNG saved to own S3 bucket

Hi there. What do you think is a better way to implement signatures for records of around 100k records and growing?

Option 1:

  • Base64 saved to the bubble database

Option 2:

  • PNG file saved to my own S3 bucket

  • I’m thinking of the Option 2 solution to minimize memory usage in bubble since we only have limited memory in bubble.

Another question is, does the base64 saved to bubble database consumes the memory capacity for files?

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If you save Base64 into a text field, it’s not count on your Storage limit. Bubble DB data are not limited, only file storage.
But… when you load a thing, this mean it’s also load the base64, making the payload size bigger and slowing down your app data loading.
I suggest that you use #2 for this reason.

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Thanks a lot bro. Another question, if you load a thing but doesn’t need the field for the base64 or there are no elements referencing that field, does it still load the field even not needed?

From what I know the answer is Yes
in this topic, you will find usefull links and information about that

Thanks bro. Will keep this in mind. :slight_smile: