Basic Bubble Stripe plugin : is it possible to make differed payments?


I’m completely drowning in the many threads about Stripe, Stripe.JS, Stripe Library, etc.

My need is the following: I build a marketplace where customers will pay for a service, and where the provider will only receive the amount after delivery of the service. The marketplace will pay itself through commissions. Classic.

Stripe seems to be a good choice, despite a lot of comments on the web, on the verge of hatred. Notably the Connect service, which takes care of all the European regulation aspect (taking a commission now requires you to show your white paw, almost like a bank).

But as far as plugins are concerned, what would you advise me? Does Bubble’s one allow what I need as explained above? I don’t want to spend a thousand years on it, and in return, I’m getting used to the idea of having a basic configuration.

Thank you,


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