[Basic] Connecting Data within App - calculating totals one step behind?

Hey All,

If anyone can help - I have a part of a solution with updating master records with children record data. However, it’s always one step behind in the data update (i.e. Bubble is calculating input 1 only after input 2 is submitted).

There is a job that has many expected pieces to be completed and users submit a form each time they complete a piece.

Each time a completed pieces form is submitted I am able to grab that data and calculate the total quantity completed (i.e. 200 + 450).

However, this data is not calculating in real time. In the screenshot below a user submitted an output of 200 and the total quantity remained at 0…then they submitted the output of 450 and the total quantity become 200…then submitted an output of 100 and the total quantity become 650.



  1. Job (Master Record)
  2. Shift Output (Child Record)

Within [Job] I have a connection to [Shift Output] set to be a list.


In the workflow of the app I have the data being displayed across custom state pages:

  • Click a job title → set custom state to show a details page + Display Data.
  • In details page [Click “Add Completed Pieces”] → show pop up + display data)

When a completed pieces form is submitted I am

  • Creating an Output record and making changes to the Job record to update the results of Step one and get the sum.

Any help on how to make sure when data is submitted it updates the Quantity Total upon submission?

Oh solved :slight_smile:

Just had to separate the Make Changes update as a separate action in the flow.