Basic Database operation - simple math

I am fairly new to this platform (two weeks). I have been testing the various aspects of the platform and I am very impressed thus far. However since yesterday, I am stuck with a very basic operation and unsure how to perform it.
Here is the simple operation:

  • I have an Arguments data type (arg1 and arg2 with associated factors)
  • I have a Base data type (base1 and base 2 with associated factors)
  • I have dropdowns to select the Argument and the Base, and then a Button to multiply the lookup factors for the Argument and Base that the user has selected, multiply those factors, and create an entry into a Premium data type.
    It is perhaps the most basic of operations. I cannot seem to find a straightforward way to solve it without using custom states or Javascript. The Button workflow does not seem to expose the dropdowns or the corresponding data types to search these factors.
    Any quick insights would be much appreciated. Here is the link.
    Thank you!

Ah…i figured it out! It is quite simple. This can be marked as closed.