Basic filtering a RG by A-Z, Z-A

Hi, sorry for such a basic question, but I just can’t seem to find a simple tutorial or help on how to filter/sort my RG list alphabetically A-Z and Z-A from a drop down? I know this is real basic stuff but could someone PLEEEASE point me to a tutorial or give me a pointer. Thank you.

select the sort by field in my case its “Name” and then choose decending Yes or No … i have mine set as a condition on a state


Wow, that was FAST! Thank you I’ll try this now. ta.

Hi - I’ve done this but it just makes the content of RG disappear!?!?

And also how do I set the initial state of the RG to be descending(out of interest)?



Thank you Bubbleboy! Much appreciated.

Wicked!!! Wow that helps me a lot!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!