Basic filtering help

Not sure if this is too simple of a question, but I’ve gotta learn somehow, so here goes.

My users have a field called EpicRecords, which represents a list of EpicUserRecords.

Each EpicUserRecord has an Epic.
Epics are a public data type.
EpicUserRecords also have several user specific fields.
So an EpicUserRecord is a record of a user’s interaction with a common piece of data called an Epic.

When a user opens up an Epic, I want to display their interaction with that Epic by showing the fields within EpicUserRecord, but I don’t know how to filter it properly so that it shows me only the fields from the specific Epic that is open. How might I do that?

A map of the data types:


  • EpicRecords [ ]EpicUserRecords


  • Epic
  • userSpecificField1 (text)


  • EpicName (text)

The current page has access to a specific Epic; let’s call it Epic_Being_Viewed. I want the userSpecificField1 where the EpicName from the Epic from the EpicUserRecord is the EpicName of Epic_Being_Viewed.

Any help would be awesome, thanks all

I don’t think you need to be concerned with EpicName while searching as you are storing a reference to Epic in EpicUserRecord.

You can simply Do a Search for - EpicUserRecords where Epic = Current Page’s Epic - first item 's userSpecificField1.

If there is a 1-many relationship between Epic and EpicUserRecord meaning for each Epic there are multiple EpicUserRecords based on User, then you can add a search constraint to the above Search → User = Current User. I hope you are storing reference to User in EpicUserRecord.


Do you have a good reason to store a list of EpicUserRecords as a list in your User object?
If no, you should know that your User object can quickly grow in size and is not very scalable because a list of things if limited to a maximum of 10000 objects.

I’d just add a reference to the User in all EpicUserRecord. That way you’ll be abble to “Do a search for” on EpicUserRecords.